Examinations explained

What should I expect during my eye examination?

The examination (or sight test) will take around half an hour during which time you will be asked to read from a chart whilst various lenses are placed in front of your eyes.

Together we will determine whether your vision has any deficiency and, if a correction is required, the effect of this can be demonstrated using sample lenses (known as trial lenses). This enables us to demonstrate the benefits of any lenses prescribed before they are dispensed. We will also look into your eyes with an instrument similar to a handheld microscope and may use various other items of equipment to check the pressure within your eyes and your field of vision.


The exact procedures during an eye examination vary from patient to patient depending on a number of circumstances such as age, health and any family history of eye disorders (such as glaucoma). At the end of the examination a prescription will be issued if spectacles or contact lenses are required.



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